Our Story

We are artisan meringue makers focused on crafting the highest quality meringue cookies possible. Our passion for consistent and natural flavor drives our goal to provide customers satisfaction with a sweet and guilt free experience.  

For many years we have studied the art of meringue making, which is one of the most delicate and scientific processes in the baking industry. Using just three ingredients - sugar, eggs, and flavoring - the mixture is whipped to a perfect consistency and baked for a few hours to achieve that crunchy but airy texture.

With each crispy bite you will experience a sugary melt-in-your-mouth sensation only a true meringue can offer. Because of their unique and appealing nature, meringues make great gifts, event favors and personal treats.

Our meringues can be bought in small or large quantities to satisfy the unique needs of our customers.

No Gluten. No Wheat. No Milk. No Lactose. No Artificial Color, Flavor or Sweetener. No Preservatives. No Starch. No Soy. No Yeast. No Fish. Low Fat. Low Calories. Low Carb.